Resident Evil 4 VR

About The Game

   Rated 9/10 by IGN and winner of Best VR/AR Game at The Game Awards 2021, Resident Evil 4 continues to earn rave reviews: 2022 DICE Awards finalist for VR Game of the Year and winner for VR Game of the Year at the 2022 SXSW Gaming Awards.

Made in Unreal Engine 4.

Canvas Demo

About The Game

   This is an indie game that has been in development for 2 years. Painting mechanics are used explore environments, discover new colors, and solve puzzles. Canvas has gone through several redesigns.

   A basic demo is available for download. This demo is an early vertical slice we put together. There are bugs and is by no means representative of the curent design.

Fire Simulation (PreAlpha)

About The Game

   IVIS is a fire simulation meant to train incident commanders. This is an early demo of the fire simulation, showing off the fire and smoke behavior. The system needs to be accurate, so things like combustion, radiation, conduction and convection are calculated in real time.

   The fire system is dynamic, interactable and networked. This is to allow a team to interact and respond to the fire as they would in a real life situation.

   My role is programming the character controller, simulation, and networking.

Billboard Tool

About The Tool

   This billboard tool is created with C#. It simplifies creating billboards, by creating them in engine for the user. It creates an albedo map, normal map, height map, and a packed smoothness(g) metal(a) map. It also creates a billboard asset with a billboard ready material.

   I originally started creating this tool because it seemed like there were no in engine tools that did this. I figured it would be way easier for people to generate billboard assets in engine, because then there is less back and forth time from modeling tools like maya and 3ds max.