Cadence Killer

About The Game

     Working in groups in the game design major has always been hit or miss, especially when the groups are forced. However, as long as the team is passionate I can work through any problems. That was proven with Cadence Killer. In Cadence Killer you play as the ghost of a former rockstar, seeking answers about his death. Solve puzzles, look for clues and compete againts your former bandmates in rythm based musical battles.

Programming Overview

     Cadence killer uses persistant objects to keep track of and manage data between scenes for the game. This allows the game to have quicker load times between scenes. The rythm based music mechanic relies on arrays of midi information to play notes for the specific instrument the player is using at the right time. It also takes in account the bpm (beats per minute) of the song and any delayed start to the song.